In 2018, the J + P Gruppe set the course for a unified corporate group. The services and knowledge of the four companies belonging to the group were bundled and the employees at all three locations were integrated into a process, which ended with a commitment to a strong company with an extraordinary team of personalities. We are now working on the implementation every day - internally and externally. We still offer auditing, tax advice, legal advice and management consultancy services in the usual quality - but in the future everything under one corporate roof.


We advise our clients holistically and with specialist knowledge in all questions.

It is our self-image to advise our clients analytically, proactively and creatively in strategic and operational questions within the scope of legal possibilities and to be at their side as a partner. We find a solution for everything and think and act future-oriented.


We are THE PARTNER when it comes to auditing, tax advice, legal advice and business advice for our clients.

We offer everything from a single source, as well as on regional level and internationally.



  • WE ARE ONE TEAM – in everything we do! Our motto is: all for one!
  • WE MAKE DECISIONS for the benefit of our employees and our clients and go our way resolutely.
  • WE HAVE REGIONAL ROOTS and are aware of our origins.
  • WE ARE CLOSE TO OUR CLIENTS and understand their thinking and challenges.
  • WE LIVE an appreciative TOGETHER.
  • WE COMMUNICATE OPENLY and honestly – eye to eye.
  • WE ENGAGE WITH PASSION AND JOY, that our client get the best results at any time.
  • WE GROW with the future and the demands of our clients.
  • WE WORK future-oriented, modern and creative.
  • WE ARE SOCIALLY COMMITED and give something back.


Wert 1

Reliability + dependability

Wert 2


Wert 3


Wert 4

Collegiality + respect

Wert 5

Enthusiasm + passion

Wert 6

Innovation + creativity

Wert 7


These values ​​are the foundation for everything we do and for the success of the J + P Gruppe. They determine how we think and act and are the driving force behind the implementation of our vision and mission. Our values ​​give us clarity in dealing with one another and increase the quality of our communication. Our values ​​shape our dealings within J + P as well as our dealings with clients, service providers and all other business partners.