Entrepreneurs who move with the times, recognize new opportunities, know how to weigh up the risks and have the necessary courage will usually be rewarded. However, no company, no product or service is so timeless and unrivaled that success is guaranteed for all time. We pursue an interdisciplinary approach and provide you a tailormade audit. We examine precisely what matters. With our expertise, foresight and experience, you can make your company fit for the future.

Based on our well-coordinated and experienced team, we can offer you all auditing services at a high quality standard. In addition, you benefit from our experience from many years of work at one of the “Big Four” audit firms. Particularly noteworthy is the many years of experience in the field of international accounting (IFRS / IAS).

Our basic philosophy, advice from a single source, enables you to use the findings from the annual audit without friction between different consultants. This can be done through tax optimization, comprehensive business advice, employee training, etc.

With an eye for the essentials, we present a selection of our services. In addition to the legal requirements, it is always our goal to create additional benefits by means of optimization suggestions and to guarantee a high level of continuity in our services.

  • Statutory audits of the annual financial statements
  • Audit of consolidated financial statements according to HGB and IFRS / IAS
  • Audit of public companies within the meaning of the HGrG
  • Tests according to the real estate agent and property developer ordinance
  • Examination of existing and advice on the introduction of risk management systems
  • Audit of hospitals, care facilities, and non-profit-organisations
  • Conducting company evaluations and due diligence
  • Examination of energy supply companies taking into account the EnwG
  • Implementation of quality controls in accordance with §§ 57a ff. WPO auditing services
  • Creation of renovation concepts in accordance with IDW S6




THe J+P Gruppe

The J + P Gruppe combines the four disciplines of auditing, tax advice, legal advice, and management advice under one roof. We achieve the satisfaction of our clients with a professional service that constantly adapts to their specific needs, wishes, and goals.

Due to the growing complexity of the requirements placed on companies, it is necessary that we work with mutually dependent competencies and can optimally support you or your company. As a team of auditors, tax, legal and business consultants, we are in close contact every day and work hand in hand to serve the requirements of our clients in the best possible way through our optimized cooperation. Our services in our four disciplines are: